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Designer Windows offer a range of specialty products to provide added security and improved energy efficiency. For further information on any of the products listed below please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff.

Thermally improved framing aims to reduce the transfer of heat and cold through windows and doors to markedly improve the energy efficiency of your home or office. This is achieved by inserting insulation into traditional aluminium framing or alternatively by using thermally broken framing.

Energy efficient glazing is a range of glass products that can be used in conjunction with thermally improved framing to achieve even higher levels of energy efficiency. There are a number of products used to achieve this outcome including laminated or UV protective glass.

Double glazing is generally used to reduce external noise and the transfer of heat and cold.

Acoustic glazing is specifically used for noise reduction and sound proofing. This product is especially useful for providing a sound barrier without compromising open space and light penetration.

Privacy glazing can be achieved by using translucent, opaque, obscure or one-way vision glass. The entire range of privacy glazing is supplied by Viridian and can be fitted to any of the Alspec aluminium profiles.

High performance anodising comes with an extended warranty. If your project is located near coastal areas or in harsh weather conditions high performance anodising provides a durable and resistant coating to protect your framework against corrosion and deterioration.

Polycarbonate and Acrylic are an alternative to glass. Polycarbonate or acrylic sheeting can be used in place of glass to provide added security and protection against vandalism. These products are also a good option for use in portable buildings as they are light weight and more resistant to breakage.


Our aluminium profiles and systems are provided by Alspec Aluminium Specialties. A variety of options are available including standard anodising, powder coating and high performance finishes which are more durable and come with an extended warranty. For more information please visit www.alspec.com.au. Designer Windows also offer the full range of Dulux powder coat colours. For a comprehensive colour pallet please visit the Dulux website at www.duluxpowders.com.au.

In addition to specialist glazing, there are a number of tint, pattern, opaque and graphic film options available for most glass types.


If you require maintenance or an upgrade to your existing Designer Windows product please complete the form on our contact us page and one of our service staff will be in touch to assist you and arrange an appointment.

For the care of your windows or doors Designer Windows recommends using warm soapy water applied with a non scratch chamois or squeegee. We do not recommend the use of abrasive agents or harsh chemicals. If in doubt, please contact us for further information.

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