Owner builders and renovators are now presented with an impressive array of alternatives to conventional window styles. The correct window system can transform a renovated space or create an impressive focal point in a new home. Using the appropriate product in the right environment will expose the maximum potential of any well designed space.

Sliding windows combine strength and sturdiness with smooth operation and convenient features. Sliding windows can be supplied in a range of panel configurations and offer the flexibility of a conventional window.

Awning and Casement windows have been designed to accept winders and screens. Awning windows are top hung and casement windows are side hung, both opening outwards. This type of window may be more suitable for cold or wet climates where the sash can be left ajar in inclement weather. They also provide a higher level of security than standard sliding windows.

Tilt and Turn windows are a combination of both awning and casement type windows offering the flexibility to be opened on three different hinge points, from the top, bottom and side.

Sashless windows alleviate the need for intermediate framing members giving a cleaner and more stylish look. Sashless windows are available in a variety of configurations and shapes and can be used to form servery windows, display cabinets and a range of other applications.

Louver windows are the perfect option for areas requiring high levels of ventilation. With so many different glazing options available they can be smoothly integrated into living areas or cleverly used to complement outdoor rooms or enclosures.

Bi-Fold or multi-fold windows allow for clear areas to be opened up and are often used to bring together indoor and outdoor spaces. A multitude of configurations are available to suit any area and their practical operation allows for quick and easy movement.

Fixed skylight windows and glazed roofing installations can be used to improve light penetration into darker areas of the home. This product can save on daytime lighting requirements and improve the feeling of open space in small areas.


As with aluminium windows, design possibilities and applications for aluminium doors are almost endless. The challenge of creating a smoother transition between interior and exterior spaces in modern homes has resulted in a number of innovative and practical solutions. From traditional sliding doors to stacking or bi-fold doors, an option is available to suit any situation.

Sliding doors are both remarkably convenient and durable option. The standard slider provides half the frame width opening for access to decks and patios and comes in two, three or four panel configurations.

Stacking doors achieve the same practical application as a sliding door but can be used to open up larger areas. Stacking door systems allow for two door panels to slide in front of a third fixed panel. A six panel configuration can also be used with two sliding panels on each side able to open up expansive areas.

Bi-fold or multi-fold doors have become a popular choice, especially with the trend for more flexible indoor and outdoor spaces as they quickly and conveniently stack to one side or either side of an opening. Bi-fold or multi-fold doors are the perfect option if you have expansive views or would like to create a seamless transition between inside and out.

French doors come in either wide or standard profiles and create a contemporary take on this traditional style. Rebated door stiles help protect from the elements whilst maintaining a stylish look.

Entry doors need to make a statement as well as provide protection and security against intruders and the elements. There is an array of options available to customise the design of your entrance with the use of many different aluminium profiles, finishes and glazing alternatives.

Frameless doors much like sashless windows, allow a clean and modern look. Frameless doors come in either pivot or top-hung sliding options and can be used to separate a room without compromising the impression of a large open space.

Automatic sliding doors offer the luxury of uncompromised safety, comfort and accessibility. They are especially useful where pool access is available directly from the internal living areas of the home.

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